North Supply have over 20 year's experience in providing music on hold and have supplied systems to over 30,000 customers in the
UK and overseas. We have partnered with the very best suppliers to offer a range of solutions from simple plug and go to fully managed internet based units all designed to deliver high quality, copyright free, digitally stored on hold music or messages to entertain or inform callers placed on hold. All units are supplied ready to go, however in addition to supplying just the playback devices North Supply are also able to offer an extensive library of online copyright free music tracks and the ability to create bespoke on hold messages that allow you to turn wasted on hold time into a powerful marketing tool. So whether your requirements are for a one off capital purchase or ongoing messaging contract, North Supply have a solution for you.
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Customers use NS solutions in the UK and Overseas


Year's experience in providing music on hold services


Stop solution for achieving your goals

20 years of experience

North Supply have been one on the leading pioneers in the area of Music and Messaging on hold since their
initial designs were launched back in 1995. From using CD technology back in mid nineties, Flash / Solid State memories,
through to USB and now network based non volatile units, North Supply have used the very best technologies
to provide high quality, cost effective, playback of music and message audio productions to callers placed on hold.

On Hold Messaging - What we do

We offer a complete one stop solution for all customers On Hold messaging requirements as summarised below:
  • Voice Over Artists

    Select from over 8 professional Voice over artists.
  • Script Writing

    Using professional script writers we can create a bespoke message for you.
  • Music Libary

    Select your background music from over 100+ copyright free tracks.
  • Playback Units

    Select from a choice of Digital, USB or Network based playback units.
  • Online Progress

    View your bespoke message progress in real time via our online order progress portal.
  • Message Options

    One off, quarterly or monthly managed messaging solutions available.

‘Over 50% of callers feel more valued if they hear bespoke music and voice messaging.’

Providing information or promotional messages On Hold provides a higher level of customer service for your callers.

Some say statistics never lie, and if this is the case then there are many statistics which confirm On Hold Messaging is preferred by customers to silence or repetitive music. On Hold Messaging therefore offers a win win opportunity for all concerned – both the customer and the organisation.

Captive Audience

Callers are often placed on hold whilst waiting to be connected. This offers an ideal opportunity to turn wasted time into a powerful marketing tool and allows companies or organisations to provide useful, up to date information or promote new or less well known products and services. Many organisations now include On Hold Messaging as part of their regular marketing mix and use On Hold time as both a standalone solution or to reinforce messages portrayed through more conventional mediums such as Radio, TV and Press. Therefore On Hold Messaging can be used in a variety of ways to suit all, and provides better customer service, a unique one to one interaction with your callers, and is an extremely cost effective addition to your advertising and marketing strategy.

How do we create your bespoke message?

Please see below details of the NS Online Order Progress Portal:

 Over the many years of providing On Hold Messaging, our services and processes have been fine-tuned to meet the requirements of our customers. North Supply offer customers the best of both worlds – regular communication, the convenience of providing script details, listen and choose professional voice over artists, select the preferred background copyright free music track.  All done via a dedicated online Music and Messaging Portal available 24/7 to action and manage at any time that suits our customers.

On Hold Messaging – 4 easy steps.

Creating your bespoke On Hold Message is simple, this can be achieved in 4 simple steps as below:

Step 1: Scripting services

Via the North Supply online order progress portal we request customers provide a basic overview of the aspects of their business they wish to promote to their callers.

From the supplied details and the customers website we will create a draft script which, when agreed will be sent to your chosen voice over artist to record.

The recording will then be mixed with the background music selected in step 2.

Step 2: Background music

Select your preferred music track from a list of over 100 + copyright free

The tracks are categorised into 9 different genres or styles to ensue you create
the right mood and impression for your customers on hold message.

This allows customisation and a unique message on hold to reflect the ethos of your business / company.

The tracks can be located on the myonlineaudio site.

Step 3: Voice over artists

Select your preferred background music track from a growing list of over 100 + copyright free samples that are categorised in 10 different genres or styles to ensure you create the right impression and atmosphere for your callers. Selection is easy, you can hear samples online by simply logging in, and then clicking on the required track and playback will commence. Once you have chosen, simply confirm our choice and move onto the Voice over section.

Step 4: Studio mixing

Once we have the script details signed off.

The voice over artist and music tracks are confirmed, we are then able to blend the different elements together using the latest digital mixing and editing software to create your final on hold message.

This will be played back to you for final sign off prior to being sent or uploaded into your managed messaging unit as part of a managed service.

On Hold Messaging samples

Professional On Hold Message productions offer a unique and personlised feel to your telephone system. Click the left hand link on the images below for a sample of each artist.

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Music on hold overview

North Supply offer a range of music solutions to suit organisations of all sizes.

Music on hold equipment

Music on hold samples

samples for music on hold
Jazz sample 1
Popular hits sample 2
Relaxation sample 3
R&B sample 4
Timeless tracks sample 5
Club & Dance sample 6
Chart sample 7
Classic sample 8
Indie sample 9

Auto Attendant / IVR Messages

Clear, precise messages to help greet and manage callers to your business.

1. Greeting messages

Callers via your telephone system are like visitors to your reception area, so why not ensure you create the right impression first and every time. Using professional male and female voice over artists we can create clear greeting and directional messages to help you achieve this.

Courtesy Announcements

For organisations focussed on achieving minimum on hold time for their customers, periodic courtesy greetings within the IVR menu are preferred. North Supply are able to create these in a format to suit the telephone system.

Multilingual messages

Many organisations offer services to global customers so multilingual greetings and messaging is often required. NS are able to provide most languages on an as required basis.

Voicemail greetings

For organisations wanting consistency across their telephone network, NS are able to provide individual standard and bespoke user voicemail messages.

Auto attendant / IVR services

auto attendant / IVR message samples
Auto attendant greeting sample 1
Auto attendant greeting sample 2
Multi lingual message sample 1


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